Frequently asked questions

What Is the Payment procedure ?

You can withdraw your payment daily, any time you want. You can login to your account and check how much you earn. Any time you can transfer it to your bank. We have followings payout options- Bank transfer, Mobile wallet, Paypal, Cheque payment. Option will be available inside the login panel.

Can i work from smartphone ?

Yes. You can work from smartphone also.

Can I trust your website? I was cheated and scammed by many dubious data entry websites?

This question is often asked question and by each customer. However, we are ready to declare out program in transparent. That's the reason we are paying daily basis. How can cheating involve here? Also, we don't demand any fee / investment.

Will I get to choose which project I work on?

Yes. It is your choice. You can do any types of work any time. It is totally you choice. Options will be available after login.

When i can start working?

You can start working within immediately after Registration.

How much i can earn ?

In this Job, You can earn upto Rs. 2000/- per day, It depends upon your speed & time dedication.

Do I need any technical knowledge ?

Not at all. You don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to do this Job. Your basic browsing knowledge is enough.

Do I need any talent to work for this data entry jobs?

The basic requirement of typing on the keyboard is required on your computer. Further, you need to have the computer knowledge to open the web pages and net surfing to earn regularly.

Do I need to generate sale ?

No, You do not need to do any sales or marketing work. To Earn money you just need to complete the work we provide.

Will I have support during training?

We will guide you every time.

How will I receive support at home?

You will have a dedicated Coach and Subject Matter Expert that will be available to support you by email. Our users do not face any issues while working.

Are positions part-time or full-time?

We offer both full-time and part-time positions (both are work from home).

How do I know my job is acknowledged or not?

It is very simple, once you present a completed job, the next job will be loaded on your page. We do the correction work immediately, as we have thousands of people in our database, they are working for us. After, you present the job, your earning amount would be displayed and it is recorded respectively to honor your work.

Is there any limitation to work? What is my workload?

Dear member, this is a leisure and free time work, even you could say part time work. However, if you are eager to do this job full time, you can do we are glad about it. There is no work load, It depends upon candidates how much they can work.

I want to use both my office computer and home computer is there any restriction for change in internet protocol (IP) addresses?

This is not an issue at all to us, you can work anywhere there is no issue. However, ensure that you are not generating your allotted work to the others. We have very sensitive software to find out quickly if many people make the same work. Therefore, we are not bothered either you work from your home computer or from your office computer.

I want to know from where all the data entry form arrives. Who is checking them after completion of the wok?

The worldwide companies make the outsourcing; they are uploaded in our protocol. The work files are uploaded only from India to our servers. The quality assurance inspection checkers are working only in India. We have finalized to bring more works for the technical writing, software development, and accounting and much more in just two months time.

If I have an issue, who is the right person to contact?

In knowledge-base area, you have most of the answers, still you feel your issue is not solved there, you can contact with your question to the contact page by typing your question in the answerable mode of our administration staffs. We are receiving more than two thousand and more emails a day. It is very hard for us to reply in stipulated time and you may get the answer within twenty four hours. Therefore, we are requesting all the workers to ask only exclusive and genuine queries.